Mystery Science Theater 3000

Mystery Science Theater 3000



When & Where

Mon, January 20, 2020, 3:00am

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Performing live in Eugene on Jan 19, 2020 10:00pm. Don't miss this incredibly hilarious comedy show. Laugh along to both budding and established local comedians at these hillarious comedy shows in Eugene. The best Eugene guide to comedy clubs, stand-up comedy, comedy venues and comedy events. Are you frantically searching for the best things to do in Eugene this week? We totally have you covered. There are so many things to do in Eugene today, how will you choose...

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is an American television comedy series created by Joel Hodgson and currently produced by Alternaversal Productions, LLC. The show premiered on KTMA-TV in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on November 24, 1988. It later aired on The Comedy Channel/Comedy Central for seven seasons until its cancellation in 1996. Thereafter, it was picked up by The Sci-Fi Channel and aired for three seasons until another cancellation in August 1999. A 60-episode syndication package titled The Mystery Science Theater Hour was produced in 1993 and syndicated to stations in 1995. In 2015, Hodgson led a crowdfunded revival of the series with 14 episodes in its eleventh season, first released on Netflix on April 14, 2017, with another six-episode season following on November 22, 2018. As of 2019, 217 episodes and a feature film have been produced.