How to talk to kids about the Will Smith and Chris Rock incident

How to talk to kids about the Will Smith and Chris Rock incident

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  • Before bringing these topics to your kids, it could be helpful to examine the cultural context and societal influences that affect how you are seeing the situation and the ideals your family holds, said Kira Banks, associate professor in the department of psychology at Saint Louis University and cofounder of the Institute for Healing Justice and Equity.
  • “How do you make it a learnable moment that kids can hear instead of parents saying, ‘No, don’t do that.’” Being in conversation with your kids can take those important contextual nuances and help them feel through where you stand as a family on these topics as well as where they stand as individuals, Banks said.
  • Rice recommended asking your child this question: “If somebody says something that I think is going to be hurtful to you, how do you want me to handle it?” That kind of question shows your child that your actions are in support of them and taking their feelings into account.
  • And the truth is, they will likely have to experience for themselves getting offended and offending someone else; reacting to hurt in a way they like and in ways they don’t; and being an effective support for someone else and missing the mark, Rice said.

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