Suspect in double murder booked into Metro Jail

Suspect in Happy Hill double murder booked into Metro Jail

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Key Facts

  • Watkins, 25, of Mobile, is one of four men charged in the brutal murders of Tony and Leila Lewis, the grandparents of Mobile rapper HoneyKomb Brazy.
  • Investigators testified that two gunman fired multiple rounds into the house, striking 62-year-old Tony Lewis one in the groin and once in the liver.
  • During a hearing in March, a detective testified that Watkins felt disrespected by a Facebook post by another rapper, OMB Peezy, whom he thought was on the same record label as Brazy.
  • Both Mobile police and the Mobile District Attorney’s Office said they’re unsure if he was already sentenced in federal court or if they brought him to Mobile County to be sentenced first.

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