Ukrainian soldiers' Facebook accounts targeted by hackers, Meta says

Ukrainian soldiers' Facebook accounts targeted by hackers, Meta says

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  • Russia-Ukraine conflict CNN Now playing Hackers try to break through Putin's digital iron curtain Pool/Russia 1 Now playing Analyst says Putin has a dark reason for keeping his daughters a secret Now playing Hear expert's theory on why oligarchs are reluctant to pressure Putin Now playing 'They are not getting the full story': China boosts Russian propaganda CNN Now playing Inside the American steel mill tied to a Russian oligarch Now playing Binance CEO: You can't use cryptocurrency to escape sanctions Telegram/Sotavision Now playing Stunning images inside Russian grocery store show dire situation Baza Now playing Panic buying sets in as Russians feel impact of sanctions YouTube/Ukraine Presidential Office Now playing Banned, censored, forced off the air: What Russian journalists covering Ukraine face Now playing Here's what Ukraine's finance minister says about the economic damage Now playing Independent Russian journalists find way to reach Russian audience from outside Now playing Hear what Russian state TV says about the destruction of Mariupol Now playing Pro-Putin tabloid scrubs Russian invasion casualty figure Now playing Is Putin the 'richest man in the world?' CNN investigates Now playing Natural gas: the power behind Russia's global influence CNN Business — Facebook parent company Meta (FB) detailed Thursday an array of shady cyber tactics that it says groups linked to Russia and Belarus are using to target Ukrainian soldiers and civilians.
  • The tactics the groups are using, according to Meta, include posing as journalists and independent news outlets online to push Russian talking points, attempting to hack dozens of Ukrainian soldiers’ Facebook accounts, and running coordinated campaigns to try to get posts by critics of Russia removed from social media.
  • The company said it had observed that accounts linked to the Belarusian KGB “suddenly began posting in Polish and English about Ukrainian troops surrendering without a fight and the nation’s leaders fleeing the country on February 24, the day Russia began the war.”
  • Meta also said it had removed a network of about 200 accounts operated from Russia that repeatedly filed false reports about people in Ukraine and Russia in an attempt to get them and their posts removed from the platform.

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