Why won't more Republicans vote for Ketanji Brown Jackson?

Analysis: Why won't more Republicans vote for Ketanji Brown Jackson?

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Key Facts

  • CNN — The news was splashed all over websites Wednesday morning: Maine Sen. Susan Collins, a Republican, had decided to vote to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court.
  • It seems possible that Jackson may get only a single Republican vote and that, at the top end, a total of three or four Republicans end up backing her ascension to the Supreme Court.
  • In a national Marquette Law School poll released Wednesday, 66% of Americans said they would vote to confirm Jackson to the Supreme Court if they were senators while just 34% said they would oppose her confirmation.
  • (Collins, one of the few GOP senators who represents a state carried by President Joe Biden in 2020, is less beholden to her party’s base.) In the Quinnipiac poll, for example, just 21% of self-identified Republicans said the Senate should confirm Jackson.

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