Mayor vetoes Juneteenth paid staff holiday

‘Slap in the face:’ Marietta mayor vetoes motion to make Juneteenth paid staff holiday

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Key Facts

  • Councilwoman Cheryl Richardson motioned for a vote to recognize Juneteenth as a paid holiday for city employees.
  • During the discussion, Mayor Steve Tumlin pushed back, arguing Armistice or Veterans Day has been a federal holiday longer and it’s not a paid staff holiday “I would hate to do one and not the other for Armistice,” Tumlin said during the meeting.
  • “The mayor has shared in the celebration with us and for him to take that posture and not to really be able to justify it let us know what we’re dealing with, who we’re dealing with in the City of Marietta,” Grimes told CBS46.
  • Kent said didn’t think it was fair the mayor wanted to use Veterans Day as a reason not to vote to make Juneteenth a holiday.

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