SpaceX sent Starlink internet terminals to Ukraine. Users should be cautious

SpaceX sent Starlink internet terminals to Ukraine. They could paint a 'giant target' on users' backs, experts say

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Key Facts

  • New York CNN Business — SpaceX CEO Elon Musk sent a truckload of Starlink antennas — which can be used to connect to the company’s satellite-based internet service — to Ukraine this week, responding to a plea from the country’s vice prime minister amid fears that Ukrainians could lose internet access if Russia continues its attacks on communication infrastructure.
  • Musk responded with offers to help, announced that the Starlink network was now activated in Ukraine, and, this week, a truckload of user terminals — which are required to give users access to the satellite-based internet service — arrived.
  • Toker added that, in NetBlocks’ view, Starlink “isn’t going to get Ukraine back online in the event of a nation-scale blackout” — but the service can provide hotspots for crucial services, such as supporting journalists, resistance groups and public officials “fortunate enough to have access to the equipment.”
  • Josh Lospinoso, the CEO of Shift5, a US-based computer security startup, added in an email: “Bottom line, SpaceX’s Starlink terminal deployment to Ukraine could pose serious concerns for Ukrainian officials who use them…Russia could use this geolocation information for anything ranging from intelligence gathering and tracking to airstrikes.”

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