MS-13 attack survivor faces "Little Devil" in court

Survivor of 2017 MS-13 massacre in Central Islip comes face to face with accused "Little Devil" at trial

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Key Facts

  • Chilling and emotional testimony continued Tuesday as the sole survivor of a massacre by the notorious MS-13 gang came face to face with Leniz Escobar, whose social media handle is "La Diablita," meaning "Little Devil."
  • Escobar is charged in the quadruple April 2017 machete attack that left four young friends bludgeoned to death in a Central Islip park.
  • Is he MS-13, too?" "Were the victims members of a rival gang?" "Why didn't he call 911 immediately?" "Why did he go home and go to sleep?" Prosecutors say the victims were marked for death for posing in social media photos disrespecting MS-13.
  • He testified he was among a dozen MS-13 who murdered the victims in cold blood, and that Escobar lured them there.

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