Special needs cheer team places 3rd in competition

Local special needs cheer team places 3rd in The Cheerleading Worlds

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Key Facts

  • Not to mention, champions of their competitive division in 2021 which earned them a trip to Orlando, FL.
  • “The funny thing was my friend Tara, she was squeezing my hand so hard that after we got off I’m like ‘do I even still have my hand?’” The Fusion Athletics All-Star special-needs cheerleading team won a first place trophy at last year’s Cheerleading Worlds in Orlando.
  • “Last year when I got to watch them, I looked like a lunatic just crying the whole entire time that I missed my cue to unplug the iPad and stop the music because I was standing there crying.
  • It is so much pride and joy to watch them find a place that they fit in.

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