What we learned this week in the trial of Elizabeth Holmes

What we learned this week in the trial of Elizabeth Holmes

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Key Facts

  • Holmes catapulted Theranos to a $9 billion valuation on the promise that its technology could efficiently test for conditions like cancer and diabetes with just a few drops of blood taken by finger stick.
  • Burd also said he was unaware that Holmes and Balwani were romantically involved -- something the two kept secret -- which he said in retrospect raised the question of what else may have been hidden.
  • Adam Rosendorff, Theranos' former lab-director-turned-whistleblower, who faced six days of questioning ending Wednesday afternoon, said it was Holmes -- and not him -- who had more power at the company, despite regulations indicating the lab director is legally responsible for its laboratory operations.
  • A SECOND JUROR IS EXCUSED FROM THE CASE One member of the 12-person jury was excused on Wednesday after expressing anxiety and conflict with her religious beliefs as a Buddhist pertaining to the issue of forgiveness and any possible sentencing or punishment that may result from how she votes on the trial.

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