Newspaper headlines: 'Running for their lives' as terror 'rains down'

Newspaper headlines: 'Running for their lives' as terror 'rains down'

Mar 07, 2022 by BBC News - UK

Key Facts

  • Image caption, The Times reports from the scene in Irpin, near Kyiv, detailing how civilians had to dive under trees for cover as a Russian mortar landed nearby.
  • Next to a graphic photograph of a mother and her children slumped on the ground after being killed outright, the paper says the video of the attack has shocked the world - and the footage confirms that Russian forces are ignoring an agreement to offer safe passage to fleeing civilians.
  • The paper says that pausing to let civilians flee and then hitting them as they do so is a tactic that Russia has used before in Syria and Chechnya - the aim being to crush morale and beat people into submission.
  • Image source, Reuters Image caption, A man and a child escape from the town of Irpin after heavy shelling on the only escape route used by locals The Telegraph writes that the Russian troops' tightening grip on Irpin, to the west of Kyiv, could be the first permanent foothold they have on the capital - their earlier efforts at lightning advances having largely been repelled.

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