Yemen president hands power to council in major shake-up

Yemen president hands power to council in major shake-up

Apr 07, 2022 by BBC News - Home

Key Facts

  • Image source, Reuters Image caption, Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi announced the transfer of power in a televised statement Yemen's president has sacked his deputy and transferred power to a leadership council in a major shake-up of the Saudi-backed coalition fighting Houthi rebels in the country's civil war.
  • He tasked it with negotiating with the Houthis to agree a permanent ceasefire and a political solution to the war.
  • Media caption, Yemen has seen some of the worst violence of its eight-year civil war in the past 12 months "I irreversibly delegate to the Presidential Leadership Council my full powers in accordance with the constitution and the Gulf Initiative and its executive mechanism," Mr Hadi announced in a statement in the early hours of Thursday.
  • Peter Salisbury, a Yemen analyst for the International Crisis Group, wrote on Twitter that the transfer of power to political and military figures with direct roles on the ground was the "most consequential shift in the inner workings of the anti-Houthi bloc since war began".

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