The benefits and risks of personal medical monitoring on the internet

The benefits and risks of personal medical monitoring on the internet

Jan 21, 2023 by CNBC

Key Facts

  • In recent years, diabetes patient became so adept at remote monitoring that a DIY community of patient-hackers manipulated devices to better manage their medical needs, and the medical device industry has learned from them.
  • Another risk is to the medical device itself, as evidenced by the headlines around the risk of hackers getting into a medical device like Medtronic's pump and changing dosage settings, with potentially fatal effects.
  • Some medical imaging systems, which can have a lifecycle of over 20 years, are still running on Windows 98 without any security patches and there have been incidents where the MRI scanners or X-ray machines have been hacked to run crypto mining operations, unbeknownst to health-care providers.
  • HOW TO MAINTAIN CONTROL AS A CONSUMER As doctors are increasingly prescribing glucose monitors and insulin pumps for not just type 1 diabetes but the much more common type 2 diabetes as well, consumers weighing whether or not to use such a device can start by looking on the manufacturer's website for statements about cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance for protection of their private health-care information.

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