NHL's two Ahos score goals at almost same time

NHL's two Ahos score goals at almost same time

Apr 01, 2022 by ESPN

Key Facts

  • NHL's two Sebastian Aho's score goals at almost same time (0:35) Sebastian Aho of the Islanders and Sebastian Aho of the Hurricanes both score goals at nearly the same time on Thursday night.
  • Both NHL players named Sebastian Aho -- one a defenseman for the New York Islanders, the other a forward for the Carolina Hurricanes -- scored goals for their teams Thursday night.
  • According to Sportsnet Stats, the Islanders' Aho scored his first goal of the season at 7:14 p.m. ET in New York against Columbus.
  • Just 34 seconds later -- and more than 500 miles away -- the Hurricanes' Aho scored his 31st goal in Carolina against Montreal.

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