'Can We Talk' program helping trauma survivors share their stories

Liz Walker's 'Can We Talk' Program Helping Trauma Survivors Share Stories Of Pain, Loss And Healing

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Key Facts

  • It’s called “Can We Talk” and it was started by a member of our WBZ-TV family, Liz Walker, and it’s making a difference.
  • But through the death of her son, and so many others like Johnson, a program called “Can We Talk” was born.
  • “We just give them the space to evolve themselves, their problems or their issues or their concerns and then once they start to talk about it, they can start seeing it and work through it themselves, with support, with help,” said Shondell Davis, a member of the program.
  • The goal of the Liz Walker Legacy Fund is to raise $2 million to keep these programs up and running and to expand.

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