Officer helps crack 19-year-old cold case

Delhi officer who helped crack 19-year-old cold case: 'Everybody deserves to be found'

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  • The condition of the vehicle was in bad shape, obviously, being underwater for close to 20 years," said Indiana State Police Sgt. Stephen 1997 Nissan Pathfinder belonged to missing mother Stephanie Van Nguyen, who was 26 when she disappeared in April 2002.
  • Her children, 4-year-old Kristina and 3-year-old John, were last seen alive in the backseat of her car."The more time elapses sometimes the farther you get from being able to find a resolution and the answers that you want," said Delhi Township Officer Heather took interest in the case around the time she joined the department in 2014, not knowing at the time it would become the biggest case of her career to months ago, she asked to re-examine the case."I wanted to see if with the improvements in technology and with things like that, if we could beat the clock to the 20th anniversary because everybody deserves to come home.
  • Taylor credited a host of other agencies who assisted in the investigation and recovery of the vehicle, especially the Indiana conservation officers and the Hamilton County Police Association dive said she hopes young girls in the community see possibility when they see a female police officer cracking cold cases."You can do this," she said.
  • DELHI, Ohio — An unsolved 2002 missing persons case involving a Delhi Township mother and her two children is closer to a resolution after major breaks in the case in the last five days.

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