Man creates program for inmates

North Carolina man creates program to help inmates with mental health, job training

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Key Facts

  • The program's mission is to "offer a program to correctional facilities that allow the residents to have a second chance through our mentorship and job placement training program."Lester said the idea sparked when he was first arrested after getting dozens of parking and speeding tickets, and when his brother was arrested."I felt like an animal," Lester described his experience.
  • He said the program works with outside mental health agencies to help the inmates understand their emotions, what triggers them, and how they can manage their emotional concerns and heal from them."You can give an individual a car, clothes, money.
  • This allows families to connect with their loved ones in an easy way, while keeping out drugs that are hidden inside physical letters, Letter said."It’s a service that we’re trying to implement for society who lost the way of care," said Lester
  • > > — Louie Tran (@louie_tran) October 19, 2021 He said the program focuses on the following key services: Mental health Job training * Connecting families with loved ones inside a facility Lester added mental illness is one of many reasons an inmate commits a crime, and it cannot be ignored.

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