Apple announces buy now pay later, among iOS 16 plans

Apple announces buy now pay later, among iOS 16 plans

Jun 07, 2022 by BBC News - Technology

Key Facts

  • It forms part of a range of new iPhone features, including the ability to edit iMessages and a feature intended to help people in abusive relationships.
  • It will become possible to change how the clock locks, and introduce widgets for showing information on weather, the user's activity rings and more, as is currently possible on Apple Watch.
  • Other significant announcements include the ability to edit and "unsend" iMessages that were sent using Apple's Messages app, and the introduction of a feature Apple calls Safety Check.
  • Apple has been praised online for this feature, with one person saying it is "going to help so many people", and the director of Cybersecurity at the Electronic Frontier Foundation calling it a "good thing for survivors of intimate partner abuse".

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