Geologist Jim Fitton jailed in Iraq 'shell shocked' over verdict

Geologist Jim Fitton jailed in Iraq 'shell shocked' over verdict

Jun 07, 2022 by BBC News - World

Key Facts

  • Image source, Jim Fitton Image caption, Sam Tasker, Mr Fitton's son-in-law, said the family are asking the British government and the Foreign Office for support The family of a British geologist jailed in Iraq for attempting to remove artefacts from the country says he is "shell shocked" over his 15-year prison sentence.
  • Speaking to Mr Fitton in a five-minute phone call for the first time in 95 days, Mr Tasker said his father-in-law talked through the "practicalities of making sure there is money to support his wife and family in Malaysia" and the considerations of "15 years away from his family".
  • Image source, Jim Fitton Image caption, Mr Fitton picked up the stone fragments from Eridu, a historically famous archaeological site in southern Iraq Mr Fitton, who had regularly toured various countries and sites of historical interest across South America, south-east Asia and the Middle East, collected the items as souvenirs while visiting a site in Eridu, in Iraq's south east.
  • Image source, Reuters Image caption, Jim Fitton was detained while trying to leave the country in March Mr Tasker said the 15-year sentence will mean Mr Fitton will be in his mid 80s by the time he gets out of the general population prison and "that is tantamount to a death sentence" which is what the family have "been trying to avoid in the first place".

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