HelloFresh Launches New Original Twitch Series: Unleash the Feast

HelloFresh Launches New Original Twitch Series: Unleash the Feast

Jun 21, 2022 by Businesswire

Key Facts

  • With HelloFresh serving as the series title sponsor, the 6 episode series brings together Twitch streamers each week for an interactive and entertaining cooking tournament that showcases the fun of cooking with a competitive twist.
  • “Unleash the Feast showcases the fun and creativity consumers experience when cooking a HelloFresh meal” > > Tweet this Airing live on Tuesdays, Unleash the Feast pits three popular streamers against one another as they compete in a series of head-to-head cooking tasks, challenges, and games with the goal of preparing and cooking a HelloFresh meal.

  • During the live 75-minute show, consumers will have the opportunity to play an active part in the Unleash the Feast tournament through the interactive and community-based features on Twitch.
  • We look forward to seeing the delicious dishes contestants cook up and hope the series inspires viewers to get creative in their own kitchens!" Unleash the Feast will premiere on June 21 on twitch.tv/unleashthefeasttv.

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