Letter from Africa: Desmond Tutu's funeral re-imagined Ghana-style

Letter from Africa: Desmond Tutu's funeral re-imagined Ghana-style

Jan 15, 2022 by BBC News - Home

Key Facts

  • Over here in Ghana, the funeral capital of the world, however, the feeling was one of dismay and puzzlement that such a famous person could die and be buried within a week and with such little fanfare.
  • E Ohene > Tutu's instructions for a modest funeral would have been ignored… He would certainly not have been buried in that plain pine casket" All you need do to overturn a dead man's wishes is to pour libation to the ancestors.
  • A funeral committee would then have to be formed - sub-committees in charge of hospitality - a synonym for food and drink, which always takes the largest chunk of the funeral budget.
  • The committee in charge of the funeral brochure would produce a glossy 100-plus-page booklet with his biography and tributes from world leaders and anyone who had ever sat in the same room with him.

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