Chemtrails: What's the truth behind the conspiracy theory?

Chemtrails: What's the truth behind the conspiracy theory?

Jul 22, 2022 by BBC News - Home

Key Facts

  • They are made up mostly of water and are called contrails or vapour trails, but a growing number of people falsely believe they are evidence of something sinister going on.
  • A surge in conspiratorial thinking following the Covid pandemic along with the summer travel season and clear skies mean the once obscure chemtrails theory is now being promoted by major influencers.
  • It is unlikely that any of these purported chemicals in the clouds would even reach ground level because they are at such high altitudes, he said.
  • One persistent belief among followers of the theory is that early morning chemtrails encourage greater cloud cover later in the day - but this can be explained by the natural process of convection.

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