Pinterest’s Gen Z-focused Shuffles app has now inspired a new Pinterest feature

Pinterest's Gen Z-focused Shuffles app has now inspired a new Pinterest feature

Sep 14, 2023 by Sarah Perez – TechCrunch

Key Facts

  • Now, that collage-making capability is heading over to Pinterest’s main app with the launch of a new feature that lets users leverage the platform’s advanced visual technology to cut out images and build interactive collages of favorite products and other visual content they find inspiring.
  • When they found an image they like, they could cut out objects from the foreground of the photo — a feature that was also introduced with iOS 16 and now is being used to make image stickers for iMessage in iOS 17.
  • This is essentially the same product that Pinterest is now introducing in its flagship app as “Collages,” dubbing it a way for Pinterest users to “move beyond Pins” and see how different products come together.
  • The event didn’t touch on Pinterest’s creator features or its efforts at challenging TikTok with video feeds, which have seemingly fallen out of focus in recent months, leading to the end of Pinterest’s Creator Rewards program last November.

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