Quantum Network Between Two National Labs Achieves Record Synch

Quantum Network Between Two National Labs Achieves Record Synch

Jun 27, 2022 by Business Wire Energy News

Key Facts

  • The experiment marked the first time that quantum-encoded photons — the particle through which quantum information is delivered — and classical signals were simultaneously delivered across a metropolitan-scale distance with an unprecedented level of synchronization.
  • They showed that it is possible for quantum and classical signals to coexist across the same network fiber and achieve synchronization, both in metropolitan-scale distances and real-world conditions.
  • To assure that they get pairs of photons that are entangled — the ability to influence one another from a distance — the researchers must generate the quantum-encoded photons in great numbers.
  • Now the IEQNET team is preparing to perform experiments to demonstrate a process that enables entanglement between photons from different entangled pairs, thus creating longer quantum communication channels.

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