California Sues Oil Giants, Claiming Decades of Deception

California Sues Giant Oil Companies, Citing Decades of Deception

Sep 16, 2023 by NYT > Climate and Environment

Key Facts

  • Advertisement SKIP ADVERTISEMENT CALIFORNIA SUES GIANT OIL COMPANIES, CITING DECADES OF DECEPTION Launching one of the most prominent climate lawsuits in the nation, the state claims Exxon, Shell, BP and others misled the public and seeks creation of a special fund to pay for recovery.
  • The state of California sued several of the world’s biggest oil companies on Friday, claiming their actions have caused tens of billions of dollars in damage and that they deceived the public by downplaying the risks posed by fossil fuels.
  • The civil case, filed in superior court in San Francisco, is the latest and most significant lawsuit to target oil, gas and coal companies over their role in causing climate change.
  • It seeks creation of an abatement fund to pay for the future damages caused by climate related disasters in the state.

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