Arm after the IPO

Arm after the IPO

Sep 14, 2023 by Frederic Lardinois – TechCrunch

Key Facts

  • So when I think about what’s next, what that means for us is as AI continues to be more pervasive, I think that demands for more compute, more power efficiency and a software ecosystem that’s relevant for AI will drive us to continue to deliver in those areas of compute, power efficiency and ecosystem.”
  • For us, our ability to make sure that we’re developing best-in-class products, but also ensuring that developers can access us in an easy and accessible way — the moat between what we do and others is pretty, pretty huge.”
  • I think AI is going to create future opportunities for us and that will place future demands on Arm to build the right products and staff up appropriately.”
  • And while he does think that the IPO will create an opportunity for Arm to attract more talent, as for the IPO itself, Abbey echoed the familiar line that most executives use on an IPO day: “It’s just a moment in time — and it’s an important moment.

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