Would you open up to a chatbot therapist?

Would you open up to a chatbot therapist?

Apr 02, 2023 by BBC News - Technology

Key Facts

  • Computer programmer Eugenia Kuyda is the founder of Replika, a US chatbot app that says it offers users an "AI companion who cares, always here to listen and talk, always on your side".
  • And while the app is designed primarily to be a friend or companion, it also claims it can help benefit your mental health, such as by enabling users to "build better habits and reduce anxiety".
  • Dr Paul Marsden, a member of the British Psychological Society, says apps that aim to improve your mental wellbeing can help, but only if you find the right one, and then only in a limited way.
  • "New AI chatbot technology appears to be evolving skills for effective mental health support, including empathy and understanding of how the human mind works," he says.

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