Why do astronauts get "space anemia"? This study has an answer.

Why do astronauts get "space anemia"? This study has an answer.

Jan 14, 2022 by Science - CBSNews.com

Key Facts

  • A collaboration between The University of Ottawa and the Ottawa Hospital examined the red blood cell counts of 14 astronauts who had been to space, and found that their bodies destroyed 54% more red blood cells in space than they did on Earth — providing an answer to long-held questions about the condition.
  • It was also believed that their bodies would quickly destroy 10% of their red blood cells to balance this shift, and red blood cell count would return to normal after 10 days in space, the release said.
  • "Our study shows that upon arriving in space, more red blood cells are destroyed, and this continues for the entire duration of the astronaut's mission," Trudel continued.
  • "This is the best description we have of red blood cell control in space and after return to Earth," said Trudel.

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