Strike at Alcoa’s Mosjøen smelter in Norway commences

Strike at Alcoa’s Mosjøen smelter in Norway commences

Aug 22, 2022 by Business Wire Public Policy/Government: Labor News

Key Facts

  • PITTSBURGH--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A strike at Alcoa’s Mosjøen smelter in Norway began today, August 22, 2022, after a collective agreement between Industri Energi and Norsk Industri was not reached by the agreed-upon deadline.
  • In the case of Mosjoen, these actions will begin in accordance with its Controlled Reduction Agreement: * Deliveries of products from Alcoa Mosjøen will stop until the end of the strike.
    • The Mosjøen location will now work toward a 20 percent reduction in smelter production by September 19, should the strike last that long.
  • The union had 17 people who did not report to Mosjoen on the first day of the strike; that number will increase to 35 people on Wednesday, if the strike action continues.

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