Meteorologists on Hurricane Lee's projected path and timeline

Hurricane Lee's path and timeline: Meteorologists project when and where the storm will hit

Sep 16, 2023 by World -

Key Facts

  • National Hurricane Center "The center of Lee is forecast to make landfall in Atlantic Canada later this afternoon," the hurricane center wrote.
  • CBS Boston meteorologists reported Friday with "high confidence" that the center of Lee is expected to pass about 200 miles east of southern New England Saturday morning, likely as a minimal Category 1 hurricane, transitioning to an extra-tropical, nor'easter-type storm.
  • Lee is expected to move up the coast of Massachusetts without making landfall in the state — but coastal areas will feel the effects of the storm.
  • A spaghetti model for Lee created Tuesday, seen below, showed most projected paths skirting along the U.S. coast at least up to New England, with a potential impact along the northern New England coast or Canadian Maritimes late this week.

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