Cheryl Grimmer case: New witness in Fairy Meadow disappearance

Cheryl Grimmer case: New witness in Fairy Meadow disappearance

Nov 20, 2023 by BBC News - Asia

Key Facts

  • Image source, Grimmer family Image caption, Three-year-old Cheryl Grimmer's disappearance from Fairy Meadow beach in Australia has been a mystery for 53 years A potential new eyewitness has told the BBC he saw a teenage boy carrying away a small child from an Australian beach on the day a three-year-old vanished.
  • Image source, Getty Images Image caption, Locals joined the police search for Cheryl the day after her disappearance The possible eyewitness, who asked to keep his identity private, said: "When I glanced back at the toilet block, the profile of the guy was sort of full-stride with this baby in his arm, just kind of screaming and yelling at his hip, like low on his hip."
  • The man added that his family lived several miles from Fairy Meadow, so he was not aware of the huge public search for Cheryl in the days after she disappeared.
  • The BBC contacted him after a friend who listened to the Fairy Meadow podcast emailed with details of his story, which she said he had recounted for several years.

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