Islamic State: Kurdish forces threaten to stop guarding camps

Islamic State: Kurdish forces threaten to stop guarding camps

Nov 25, 2022 by BBC News - World

Key Facts

  • Image source, Reuters Image caption, More than 50,000 people currently live in al-Hol, the largest detention camp for suspected IS fighters and their families Local forces in north-east Syria have told the BBC that they may be forced to abandon camps holding Islamic State (IS) group detainees.
  • The SDF - a mostly Kurdish militia alliance backed by the US - has denied any involvement in the attack, and has accused Turkey of using it as a pretext to justify a long-planned cross-border offensive.
  • On Wednesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the strikes were "only the beginning" and that he was determined to secure Turkey's border with Syria by establishing a "security corridor".
  • Image caption, General Mazloum Abdi says they have suspended operations against the IS terror group due to Turkey's air strikes During the international campaign against the Islamic State group, the US relied heavily on the Kurdish forces to root out the militants from Syria, and the SDF is still in charge of the prisons and detention camps that hold suspected IS fighters and their families.

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