Cheetahs reintroduced in India after 70-year absence

Cheetahs reintroduced in India after 70-year absence

Sep 17, 2022 by World -

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  • World September 17, 2022 / 5:51 PM / CBS News Cheetah cubs born by IVF for the first time 2 cheetah cubs born by surrogate mother for the first time in history 00:58 After a nearly 70-year absence, cheetahs have returned to India.
  • > > — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) September 17, 2022 According to the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), three Namibian male and five female adult cheetahs were flown in a special plane with a tiger design.
  • Dr. Laurie Marker, founder and executive director of CCF, said in a press release she has been working with the government of India for 12 years to make this happen.
  • > > — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) September 17, 2022 "The goal of our project is to reverse the tide for cheetahs, to slow, then stop their decline, while at the same time increasing the biodiversity and health of Indian ecosystems," Dr. Jhala Yadvendradev, dean of the Wildlife Institute of India and principal scientist for Project Cheetah, said in a statement.

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