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CNN Political Briefing

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  • Biden’s Trip to Europe on Ukraine CNN Political Briefing World leaders are gathered in Belgium today to discuss Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as the US levied new sanctions on Russia and promised more humanitarian aid for Ukraine.
  • CNN Political Director David Chalian breaks down how Judge Jackson answered some of these questions Senators asked her, like the ones on crime, abortion, and court-packing.
  • Mar 18, 2022 6 mins An Immigration Storm is Brewing CNN Political Briefing The Biden administration is preparing for a potential influx of Ukrainian refugees fleeing their war-torn country and migrants seeking asylum at the US-Mexico border.
  • As CNN Political Director David Chalian explains, the Biden Administration is trying to make it easier for some Ukrainian refugees to come to the US, while also grappling with the possible end of a southern border rule invoked at the start of the pandemic.

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