Tap Into AI Driven News Insights

Leverage the API behind our proprietary news summarization engine. Get the kind of insights only the latest in AI technology can deliver.

Comprehensive news coverage

Tap into thousands of highly credible sources, and allow our AI system to structure, enrich, and extract the information that matters.

Insights delivered in real-time

With real-time access to enriched, tagged, and structured news feeds, you can create intelligent applications, processes, and models.

Intuitively structured data

Our end-to-end pipeline collects, understands, and distributes the world's news as clean, ingestible, structured data feeds so that you don’t need an army of engineers and data scientists.

Do More

Extensive Content & Analytical Capabilities

We go beyond just fetching the latest news articles and dig deeper into the data you care about

Entity Extraction

Support for millions of known entities

Sentiment Analysis

Article and entity-level sentiment analysis

Event Detection

Deduplication and real-time clustering capabilities

Topic Tagging

Topical tagging for thousands of known categories

Advanced Analytics

Time series and trend analysis

Metadata Extraction

Extensive source and author metadata

Explore Key Use Cases

Media Monitoring

Never miss a mention with the largest news data coverage across any region or topic. Kwhen News API gives you the power to track real-time news and events on the topics that matter to you, your industry, and your brand.

Risk Intelligence

Find critical risk signals from news data and detect news events from around the world related to supply chain risks, third party risks, KYC, and much more.

Financial Analysis

Get access to high quality news data to capture investment opportunities and risks with NLP enriched data. Uncover the news and events that are impacting the markets in real-time. Take your investment strategy to the next level with actionable insights powered by AI.

Trend Analysis

Track real-time or historical trends, events, and signals in the news. Discover actionable insights with AI-powered news data.

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