A look back at Elon Musk's chaotic first month at Twitter

Layoffs, ultimatums, and an ongoing saga over blue check marks: Elon Musk's first month at Twitter

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Key Facts

  • In that time, Elon Musk initiated mass layoffs and gave remaining staffers a cryptic ultimatum, reinstated the accounts of controversial figures including former President Donald Trump, and launched – then punted – a plan to charge for Twitter’s iconic blue checkmarks.
  • After spending months embroiled in an unsuccessful legal battle to get out of his initial proposal to buy Twitter, Musk made his first splashy entrance into the company’s offices on Oct. 26, carrying a sink.
  • Here is a look at the range of ways Musk (who is still, simultaneously, CEO of his other companies Tesla and SpaceX) has already left his mark on one of the world’s most influential social media platforms.
  • On the eve of Nov. 3 and into Nov. 4, numerous now-former Twitter employees began posting on the platform that they had been locked out of their company email accounts as the job cuts began to play out in a very dramatic, public manner.

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