Home catches fire multiple times over weekend

Oklahoma City home catches fire multiple times over weekend

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  • The family told KOCO 5 they are just glad to have each other."My son busted in the door, and was screaming, 'Daddy Daddy Daddy,'" said Adam Carter, one of the fire victims
  • He told KOCO 5 he knew something was wrong."I ran outside, and saw the whole back porch was just completely engulfed," Carter said
  • With the high winds, the house caught fire two more times over the weekend."The wind was blowing probably 25 miles an hour — and it was a matter of 10 minutes and whatever was left of the house was completely engulfed," Carter said
  • Carter said his son helped to save valuable items and things he knew his family needed."He ran through the living room and saw my middle daughter's favorite doll, and he turned around and went back and grabbed it," Carter said

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