Boy dead after finding gun he thought was 'toy'

6-year-old Georgia boy dead after finding gun he thought was ‘toy’ behind his home, police say

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  • GORDON COUNTY, Ga. — A 6-year-old Georgia boy was killed after he found a gun at his apartment complex and accidentally shot himself in the head, police said.
  • TRENDING STORIES: Powerball jackpot: 1 winning ticket sold in California for $2.04 billion prize Here are the winning Powerball numbers for $2.04 billion jackpot after technical delay * Fulton County fires 2 poll workers after concerns over social media posts The boy’s mother said she went outside of the home to let a dog out and the child went behind the apartment and came back, telling his mom he found a toy.
  • The mother said she didn’t think anything of it and they went back inside.
  • The mother said that shortly thereafter, she heard a pop and found her son on the floor.

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