Best meat thermometers of 2021

Best meat thermometers of 2022

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  • We made sure to include different categories — digital instant reads, analog and leave-in thermometers — but rather than choosing a best of in each category, we compared them all to one another with a series of tests to determine which ones would give you the best results, and the most enjoyable user experience overall.
  • While the backlit display was easy to read and registered temperature down to the tenths of a degree, it consistently read about two degrees higher than the actual temperature.
  • Even after a couple rounds of calibration, it was consistently three to five degrees off target during our sous vide testing and when compared to the other models when we were cooking the turkey.
  • If you’re looking to keep track of what you’re doing in the oven and want a leave-in thermometer rather than a digital instant read but don’t want to spend your money on the ThermoWorks Chef Alarm, then the ThermaPro Digital Food Thermometer is a decent option for about half the price.

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