Police searching for missing veteran

Mobile Police searching for Oklahoma City army veteran who went missing from Medal of Honor park over the weekend

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  • MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - Sixty-four-year-old Larry Schaum and his family were on their way back from a spring break trip to Destin when they made a quick stop at Medal of Honor Park.
  • “I said how are you going to get home and he said I’m going to walk home one foot in front of the other.”
  • “When we got to Jackson he never showed up and at that point, I was getting worried but it really didn’t set in until we got back to Oklahoma City that I don’t know what has happened to him,” said Schaum.
  • “He knows the route from Mobile to Oklahoma City fairly well and I think he’s going to try to walk or hitchhike back but I have no way of contacting him,” said Soukup.

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