An antitrust battle over GIFs could be a wake-up call for Silicon Valley

An antitrust battle over GIFs could be a wake-up call for Silicon Valley

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  • Why this Silicon Valley investor is looking to Southeast Asia 04:58 - Source: CNN Washington CNN Business — GIFs — those short, animated images that were a staple of internet memes and culture in the 1990s and 2000s — may be going out of fashion now as social media users have largely moved on to emojis and video.
  • It’s the first time any government — and one outside the United States at that — has successfully forced Meta to accept a breakup, albeit a partial one, since regulators worldwide began scrutinizing its economic dominance.
  • Meta is currently defending against a US government antitrust suit seeking to force the company to spin off Instagram and WhatsApp, and another that would block a more recent proposed acquisition of a virtual reality startup known as Within Unlimited.
  • “Almost no one thought Meta was securing some kind of major coup with this deal,” Kovacevich tweeted, arguing that the case primarily served as a political exercise for UK regulators to demonstrate their post-Brexit relevance.

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