Police sue Kim Gardner's office

St. Louis police sue Kim Gardner's office saying evidence from 6,890 drug cases posing health risk in crime lab

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Key Facts

  • ST. LOUIS — The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has sued St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s Office saying she has so many cases backed up that involve drugs as evidence, that it is no longer safe for crime lab workers to operate there.
  • Gardner’s office is refusing to sign destruction orders for evidence from 6,890 cases it may no longer need, which is causing the controlled substances to pile up at the St. Louis Crime Lab, according to the lawsuit.
  • In order for justice to be served, the CAO needs to ensure evidence necessary for cases that remain open or have a possibility of appeal is not destroyed."
  • The other would require the St. Louis Sheriff’s Department and the Circuit Attorney’s Office to take custody of the evidence.

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