4 students shot near high school

4 students shot near Philadelphia's Overbrook High School: Police

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Key Facts

  • The shooting happened at about 11:30 a.m. near the intersection of 60th and Oxford streets, about a block from the school, outside of The Beauty Lounge.
  • And I am happy to say that the students are in stable condition, but their hearts are not stable, their mental state is not stable, and they need the support of all of the Philadelphians."
  • "And that reality is that when they find themselves in this back and forth Twitter beef and this and that, sometimes sitting them down for a minute allows them to recalculate what is important, that there is a life beyond teenage," said Jones.
  • The Turkey Bowl game scheduled for Thanksgiving morning between Overbrook High School and West Philadelphia High School was canceled due to the violence.

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