CEOs at Davos are using ChatGPT to write work emails

CEOs at Davos are using ChatGPT to write work emails

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Key Facts

  • Maggioncalda is one of thousands of business leaders, politicians and academics gathered in Davos, Switzerland this week for the World Economic Forum.
  • It relies on OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 language model, which is already out of date; the more advanced GPT-4 version is in the works and could be released this year.
  • Critics — of which there are many — are quick to point out that it makes mistakes, is painfully neutral and displays a clear lack of human empathy.
  • Microsoft (MSFT), an investor in OpenAI, announced this week that the company’s tools — including GPT-3.5, programming assistant Codex and image generator DALL-E 2 — are now generally available to business clients in a package called Azure OpenAI Service.

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