THC-infused candy, snacks found at stores

THC-infused candy and snacks found on multiple North Carolina store shelves

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Key Facts

  • RALEIGH, N.C. (WITN) - Thousands of dollars worth of THC gummies and snacks that were hidden by counterfeited brands were taken off North Carolina store shelves around the state.
  • Trademark Enforcement Agents with the Secretary of State’s Office and the NC Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force worked with local authorities and other state law enforcement agencies on the coordinated effort to sweep a total estimated retail value of $223,824 worth of fake candies and snacks off store shelves.
  • “This goes to the heart of our work to protect health and safety,” said Secretary Elaine F. Marshall.
  • “Earlier this year a 4-year-old boy in Virginia tragically died after eating THC-infused gummies, so the fact that so many of these products were counterfeiting brands geared toward kids is very troubling.”

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