'The future is bleak.' Why more Brits are turning to food banks

Why more Brits are turning to food banks

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Key Facts

  • In an upmarket neighborhood in west London, a growing number of people are visiting a storefront tucked between a bicycle shop and a coffee house that charges no money and caters exclusively to the less fortunate.
  • Dad’s House is one of 2,200 food banks in the United Kingdom that serve Britons who are struggling to afford basic necessities.
  • But now, as the United Kingdom braces for a second winter with coronavirus, rising food prices, higher energy costs and cuts to government benefits are putting huge pressure on household budgets and forcing legions of people to turn to charity.
  • Food banks in the capital city have reported a surge of visits in recent weeks, with more and more working professionals seeking help with groceries following the end of a government program that subsidized millions of jobs during the pandemic and a reduction in welfare payments to those with lower incomes.

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