Woman on the hook for $10k mortgage mess

7 On Your Side: Bronx woman on the hook for $108,000 in mortgage mess

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  • BEDFORD PARK, The Bronx (WABC) -- A Bronx woman was at already at a breaking point after battling cancer and struggling to get back to work, before the federal government suddenly seized her tax refund and made plans to garnish her wages.
  • Then, while she was battling cancer and weakened by chemo and radiation, she got a nasty note that the feds had seized her tax refund.
  • She said she talked to dozens of people, to no avail, as HUD kept coming after her and dinging her credit score.
  • More 7 On Your Side | Not so special newspaper delivery for 91-year-old man So we contacted Shellpoint, who immediately apologized and promised to make the payment, which was made in full two weeks later.

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