Burglary victim's laptop found at deputy's home

Precinct 5 deputy under investigation after burglary victim's laptop was found in his home

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Key Facts

  • On Oct. 29, Kilcourse followed the ping from his Westbury neighborhood all the way to Katy, and was shocked at what he discovered.
  • "I tell him like, 'My MacBook says it's here and you're telling me it's not.' And he says again, 'I don't know where your effing MacBook is at, but it's not here.'" Kilcourse says Deputy Castillo at one point invited him to "look around" in his home and opened the back door of his patrol car to show no laptop.
  • A short time later, he says Castillo called him, claiming that he did a thorough search and found the laptop in the trunk of his patrol car.
  • Precinct 5 says Castillo told supervisors he forgot to catalogue and turn in the laptop at the end of his shift.

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