VT leaders apologize for eugenics studies

Vermont leaders apologize for state's role in eugenics studies

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  • SO FOR ME IM GLAD THEY DID IT, I THINK IT'S DUE, I WISH SHE COULD HAVE BEEN HERE."> A COUPLE OF THE NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBES THAT ATTENDED THE PUBLIC AP Vermont leaders apologize for state's role in eugenics studies The practice was done in the 1930s Vermont state leaders came together at the statehouse to publicly apologize Saturday afternoon for a dark chapter in the state's history
  • Elected officials apologized for the state's eugenics surveys that were conducted in the 1930s
  • Chief Don Stevens of the Nulhegan Abenaki Tribe said he wishes his ancestors could have been here to hear the state's apology."I wish my grandmother was here to see it because she was affected by this and changed her name several times to avoid the sterilization program because she was actually in the eugenics survey.
  • Several of the Native American Tribes that attended the public apology said they appreciate the state's acknowledgment of its wrongdoings, adding that they now want to move forward.

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