OKC bombing first responders now lead teams

Local doctor shares experience helping in Ukraine

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  • And some of the people who needed the greatest help were the frontline people that were serving the people… the doctors and nurses that were so overwhelmed and that’s really where we played a lot of emphasis on this trip was helping the doctors understand that they are not alone,” Dr. Sherry O’Donnell said.
  • So, we saw some at the hospital, some at a college dorm that college students had to flee and escape the area, and now you have a whole bunch of vacant rooms, so refugees were there,” Doctor O’Donnell said.
  • “Meeting the people and now having relationships with the people and understanding I want to stand with you in this is also empowering,” Doctor O’Donnell said.
  • I think we need to continue to keep the Ukraine in our prayers and our thoughts and then have a far greater outreach to a country that is being Decimated by a power of hungry monger.”

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